Project Manager

Customer Experience Lead

The Customer Experience Lead possesses the ability to connect with our Customers, stakeholders and internal departments, building relationships and setting the standards. In this role, you'll be responsible for building the relationships, improve customer retention, engagement and satisfaction

Full Time

About this position

Budget: R50,000 - R55,000pm

Location: CPT, ZA

Working Type: Hybrid

Key Accountabilities:

1. Relationships: Wonga makes use of an external service provider to manage the operational requirements of customer service & communication. Your role in this regard is to

  • Cultivate a strong and transparent relationship between Wonga & its service provider, including all relevant stakeholderso
    • Facilitate a cadence of communication, knowledge exchange, and Way of Work to support the above
    • Travel between Cape Town (Clients base) and Durban (service provider base) as required to support the above
  • Ensure both parties are always fully aligned with strategy, expectations, deliverables, and SLA’s related to customer service and the customer experience.

2. Delivery

  • Set the standard for customer experience across all channels
  • Codify the standard into a metric-driven SLA, partner with our service provider and internal stakeholders to ensure consistent and reliable delivery
  • Ensure stakeholders are always fully aligned with arising problems; and facilitate rapid and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Develop insights around customer behaviour, definition, demographics etc to build segmentation and a more customised approach to engagement.
  • Inform / educate the wider organisation on all customer related insights, proposing (where relevant) any projects / changes / systems / tools etc which support an overall improvement of the customer experience.

3. Experience

Make it Better is one of the Clients core values. Your role in this regard is to

  • Elevate and streamline the customer experience across all channels
  • Ensure a consistent experience across all channels
  • Create cohesion across all channels

Skills and Experience:

  • Possess at least 3 years experience in the fintech, banking, gambling, insurance or gaming industry
  • Ambitious, driven, with a can-do, problem-solving attitude
  • Ability to self-manage
  • Highly creative and full of ideas
  • Analytical and inquisitive, with excellent attention to detail
  • Credible, confident, and articulate, with excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Deliver accurate, error-free and engaging content timeously
  • Excellent general and topical knowledge

The outcome of your efforts above will result in:

  • Improved customer retention
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved NPS

Skills and Experience:

  • A proven track-record of success in delivering an exceptional omni-channel customer experience.
  • Minimum 5 years employment in Customer Experience or business relationship-related work.
  • Solid customer orientation, core understanding of customer life cycle and needs, and how customer insight and customer strategy drive experience.
  • Operational experience across customer service, journey mapping and profiling, CX, targeted communications & segmentation.
  • Experience and understanding of CRM or Customer Experience practices and solutions
  • Outstanding interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills, including demonstrated skills in consultation, facilitation, negotiation and influence, and capacity to interact at a Senior Manager level and represent the Clients in external contexts.
  • Empathetic change enabler who thrives on encouraging collaboration and maximising every opportunity
  • Strong computer literacy skills and willingness to utilise technical programs and systems.

Required Leadership Experience:

  • Collaborate - You recruit the input and expertise of all role-players to create alignment, and take people along for the journey
  • Ownership – You know the buck stops with you and take full accountability of delivering results
  • Communicate - You seamlessly bridge the gap between the Client and its primary service provider, and bring all stake-holders together
  • Example - You consistently role model the Clients values and behaviours expected of our leaders and service providers
  • Data-Driven – You are analytical and make thoughtful and considered decisions based on the data
  • Customer-Centric – You are the voice and champion of the customer within the business

How can I apply?

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