Social Media

Freelance Community Manager (Corporate)

This role requires 2-3 years of marketing, content management and publishing experience. Experience with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are preferred as they will be managing the company’s accounts and pages on those sites.

Remote, ZA

About this position

Main Responsibilities:

Main job purpose:

  • Act as the bridge between the brand and the its community.
  • Embody the brand persona to deliver the brands tone and attributes to life in the digital space.
  • Engage with potential customers and nurture the relationship with existing ones.

Internal Processes:

  • Engage real-time with our fans and followers across our social channels to enhance their brand experience. (Ensure response rate is kept at 100% and within agreed upon timelines)
  • Support the Social Media Manager and Social Servicing Manager with managing the queries and comments that filter into the ecosystem.
  • Identify and recommend action based on insights, topics and methods to enhance social media following and engagement.
  • Respond to comments and customer queries in a timely manner to enhance and maintain client experience.
  • Monitor and report on feedback and online reviews to harness insights to improve client engagement.
  • Organize and participate in events to build community and boost brand awareness.
  • Support SMM in creating text, image and video content for social media accounts enhance engagement across social medial platforms to drive engagement.
  • Post all content on all social media pages, timeously and accurately.
  • Monitor and report on the success and engagement of user community and content and provide recommendations on future campaigns and content.  
  • Build relationships with customers, potential customers, industry professionals and journalists to manage and position the brand and business.  
  • Stay up-to-date with digital technology trends to enhance online presence and interventions.
  • Keep and monitor a repository of all social media content and ensure the content is archived correctly on the brand filer
  • Report bi-weekly on all trending topics and content in order to enable SMM to create content that is relevant to our audience
  • Social Listening on key topics related to the brand, current affairs, local and international trends as well as competitor brands.
  • Knowledge of social media management tools like Hootsuite and Falcon is important.

Client engagement:

  • Build and maintain relationships with clients and stakeholders such as Studio, PR, Internal Comms, Product Houses, CSI, Group Marketing teams and agencies.
  • Alongside Social Servicing manager, define fair and innovative client service practices which build rewarding relationships, and allows team to provide exceptional client service
  • Contribute to a client service excellence culture which builds enduring relationships and allows team to provide exceptional client service.
  • Incorporate client feedback into the enhancement of daily business processes and management operating systems
  • Participate and contribute to a culture which builds rewarding relationships, facilitates feedback and provides exceptional client service


  • 2-3 years’ experience as a community manager or in a related role
  • 1-2 years content writing or related experience
  • Ability to interpret website traffic and online customer engagement metrics

How can I apply?

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