Marketing Manager

Head of Brand and Marketing (EE)

We are looking for a Head of Brand and Marketing based in Cape Town! CTC: R128 243 per month Benefits: Flexi hours EE role as defined by B-BBEE codes

Full Time

About this position

Main Responsibilities:

Strategy, Market Research & Risk Management  

  • Develop an integrated marketing strategy that aligns with the company's goals, objectives, values and brand.
  • Collaborate with external stakeholders to refine and implement the strategy, ensuring it resonates with the target audience.
  • Conduct research and analyse market trends, customer behaviour, and competitive landscapes, in order to inform strategic decision-making.
  • This involves gathering and interpreting data from a variety of sources, including surveys, focus groups, and sales data.  
  • Manage and mitigate risks and crises that may impact the organization's reputation or operations.
  • This involves developing crisis management plans, communicating with stakeholders and the public, and taking swift and decisive action to address the crisis
  • Develop and implement advertising and media plans that support the organization's marketing and business objectives.
  • This involves analysing market trends and data, identifying target audiences and segments, and developing and implementing advertising and media strategies and campaigns.  
  • Develop and implement advertising and media plans that support the organization's marketing and business objectives. This involves analysing market trends and data, identifying target audiences and segments, and developing and implementing advertising and media strategies and campaigns.
  • Gather and analyse data and insights about target audiences, competitors, and market trends, in order to inform marketing strategies and tactics. This involves designing and conducting surveys, focus groups, and other research methods, and analysing and interpreting data to identify key trends and insights.

Content Creation

    Create compelling and engaging content across a variety of mediums. This includes written, visual and audio methods such as graphic design, web design, video production, photography and copywriting:

Graphic Design

    Create visually appealing designs and communication materials such as logos, packaging, brochures, advertisements, and other marketing collateral using various design software and techniques. Additionally, have a good understanding of branding and marketing principles to ensure that designs align with the overall messaging and goals of the organization.

Web Design

  • Design and develop websites with a focus on creating user-friendly interfaces, compelling content, and a visually appealing layout using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web design tools.
  • Additionally, have a good understanding of user experience design and information architecture to create a website that is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. It is also imperative to be proficient in various design software and programming languages to create a website that is visually appealing and meets the technical requirements.

Video Production

  • Create and produce videos for a variety of purposes, such as marketing, training, and entertainment.
  • Video production involves scripting, filming, editing, and post-production work, including adding music, sound effects, and special effects.  


  • Take and edit high-quality photographs for use in various marketing and communication materials, such as advertisements, brochures, and websites.  
  • Photographers need to have a good eye for composition, lighting, and colour, as well as technical skills in using cameras and editing software. It is imperative to also be able to communicate effectively with clients to understand their vision and deliver photos that meet their needs.


  • Write compelling and effective marketing copy that communicates the key benefits and features of a product or service in a clear and concise manner.  
  • Have a good understanding of the target audience and their needs, as well as the brand messaging and tone of voice.  
  • Develop a creative vision and strategy that aligns with business objectives and effectively communicates key messages to target audiences.
  • Creative strategists need to conduct research to understand the market and the target audience, as well as the competitive landscape.  
  • Develop and manage content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, engagement, and lead generation.
  • Track and measure conversions to assess the effectiveness of content strategies.
  • Plan, develop, execute, and monitor digital programmes and campaigns, including online advertising, website strategy and design, social media, and community management.
  • Utilise analytics to optimise campaign performance.
  • Develop, manage, and oversee the design and layout of communications materials such as presentations, newsletters, video content and event support materials.
  • Maintain a visually appealing and consistent brand image.
  • Own, maintain, and interpret channel analytics, metrics, and campaign reporting. Provide insights and recommendations for optimizing marketing and communications strategies based on data analysis.
  • Ensure that the website is regularly updated with fresh and engaging content to attract and retain visitors.

3. Social Media

  • Manage the brand's social media presence, develop, and implement social media strategies, and engage with customers and followers.  
  • Create and curate content, monitor social media metrics, and leverage social media advertising and influencer partnerships to reach and engage with target audiences.  
  • Stay updated on social media trends and opportunities with the support of outsourced digital agency partners.
  • Implement and ensure adherence to social media policies, frameworks, and corporate identity guidelines. Maintain brand consistency across all social media channels.
  • Develop and implement strategies and tactics that enhance the reputation and value of a brand over time. This involves understanding brand identity and positioning, developing, and enforcing brand guidelines and standards, and executing marketing and communication programs that align with brand values and goals.  
  • Plan, organize, and execute events and experiences that promote a brand, product, or service, and engage target audiences. This involves understanding event objectives and goals, identifying, and coordinating vendors and partners, managing event logistics and budget, and measuring and reporting on event success.
  • Develop relationships with other websites and creating engaging and shareable content that will attract links. This involves identifying authoritative and relevant websites to acquire backlinks from, creating content that aligns with their interests and needs, and promoting the content to build links.
  • Develop and implement strategies and tactics that enhance the reputation and visibility of an organization or brand among key stakeholders and audiences. This involves understanding audience preferences and media landscapes, developing, and executing media relations and communication programs, and measuring and reporting on PR success.
  • Monitor and respond to brand reputation risks and opportunities, and to measure and report on brand performance.
  • Design and deliver experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations, and drive customer loyalty and advocacy.  
  • Understand customer needs and preferences, develop and implement customer service and support programs, and measure and report on customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics.  
  • Leverage customer insights and feedback to improve products and services, and to collaborate with cross-functional teams to address customer pain points and challenges.

Marketing Analytics and Reporting

  • Measure, analyse, and report on marketing performance and ROI, in order to optimize marketing strategies and tactics.  
  • Develop and implement metrics and KPIs that align with business and marketing objectives, and leverage data analytics tools and techniques to track and analyse marketing data.  
  • Communicate insights and recommendations to key stakeholders, and to adapt marketing strategies and tactics in response to data-driven insights.
  • Create a manage PPC campaigns across various platforms such as Google Ads and Social Media Advertising.
  • Analyse and optimize the user experience to increase the likelihood of visitors to a website taking a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.
  • Understand the principles and components of search engine algorithms and their impact on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. This includes keeping up to-date with changes in algorithms and understanding how to optimize web content to improve search engine rankings.
  • Understand how search engine algorithms work and how to optimize a website's content, structure, and HTML tags to improve its ranking and user experience.
  • The process includes identifying relevant keywords and strategically placing them within website content, optimizing meta tags, such as the title and description, and ensuring the website's structure is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Understand the importance of external factors, such as backlinks and social media signals, in improving a website's search engine ranking. This requires developing a link building strategy that includes identifying authoritative and relevant websites to acquire backlinks from, creating shareable content that can attract backlinks, and engaging with social media audiences to increase website traffic and visibility.
  • Create and execute search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns that include pay per-click (PPC) advertising and display advertising. This requires understanding the target audience and developing a strategy that includes conducting keyword research, creating ad copy and landing pages, and monitoring and adjusting campaigns based on performance data.
  • Optimize a website's technical infrastructure to improve its visibility and ranking in search engines. This includes improving website speed, ensuring site security, optimizing site architecture, and implementing structured data.
  • Test and compare different versions of a website or marketing campaign to determine which performs better. This involves creating two or more variations of a website or campaign and comparing their performance based on specific metrics, such as click-through rates or conversion rates.


• Minimum 5 - 8 years of Marketing experience  

• Matric / Grade 12 / National Senior Certificate  

• Relevant Marketing degree  

• Excellent knowledge of media platforms including graphic design, web design, video production, photography and copywriting.

• Experience in managing a team

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