Account Management

Marketing Manager (Property)

We are looking for a high-performing Marketing Manager to help our client drive tenant acquisition and rental unit occupancy targets

Full Time

About this position

Main Responsibilities:

  • Review, analyse and present sales, revenue and expenses reports and realistic forecasts to the management team.
  • Remain familiar with competing buildings and what they offer and recommend changes needed to our pricing and specials as well as what products to supply for future developments.
  • Analyse advertising return on spend and recommend and budget for future spend on variou platforms (online and physical).
  • Generate original solutions and lots of new ideas.
  • Be familiar with sales software and have strong excel skills especially relating to data analytics and reporting.
  • Strong command of English language and be able to write creative copy for ads.
  • Oversee team that deals with content creation direction/strategy for social media and other advertising.
  • Oversee team that deals with tenant events.


  • 4+ years of experience in a similar role

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