Account & Project Managers

Feeling overwhelmed managing client accounts and juggling marketing projects? Fundi can be your secret weapon. Our pre-vetted community of marketing experts, both permanent and freelance, empowers you to streamline your workflow and deliver exceptional results.

Imagine having a permanent marketing whiz by your side – someone who crafts winning proposals, manages budgets, and keeps projects on track. Or, access freelance social media gurus, content creators, and SEO specialists for specific tasks. Fundi scales with your needs, so you can focus on client relationships, strategic planning, and exceeding client expectations. Let's chat and unlock your marketing delivery potential!

Client Relationship Management

Account and project managers are masters of building and maintaining strong client relationships. They excel at communication, actively listening to client needs, managing expectations, and fostering trust. They translate client goals into actionable plans, ensuring projects align with the client's vision and overall business objectives.

Project Management

Keeping projects on track and within budget is a core skill for account and project managers. They possess strong organisational skills, adeptly juggling multiple tasks and deadlines. They utilise project management tools and methodologies to schedule tasks, track progress, identify and mitigate risks, and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Communication & Collaboration

Account and project managers are bridge builders, fostering clear communication between clients, internal teams (design, development, marketing), and external vendors. They actively listen, articulate information clearly, and facilitate productive discussions to ensure everyone is aligned on project goals and expectations.

Problem-Solving & Accountability

The unexpected is inevitable in project management. Account and project managers are adept at problem-solving, analysing situations, developing creative solutions, and adapting to changing circumstances. They anticipate potential roadblocks, have contingency plans in place, and can adjust course as needed to ensure project success.

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