Our vetting process

Our vetting process is designed to maintain the highest standards in our community, ensuring that only top-notch marketers join and remain a part of our network. As marketers ourselves, we're highly selective in who we accept into our community, looking for individuals with a track record of excellence and expertise in their respective fields.

Our goal is to foster an environment that not only connects businesses with the best marketing talent but also provides a platform for marketers to learn from each other and collaborate on innovative projects. That's why we only accept industry leaders who can represent the Fundi community with the highest level of professionalism and commitment.

Process 1 Skills Review

Skills Review

To ensure that we maintain the highest standards of excellence in our community, we carefully evaluate each marketer's experience, client feedback, and work samples. By doing so, we're able to accurately assess their level of expertise and knowledge of industry best practices. This meticulous review process enables us to curate a community of top-tier marketers who can provide our clients with the highest level of quality and service.

Process 2 Interview


After the initial evaluation, we conduct a rigorous online interview with each marketer to assess their communication skills, values, and overall professionalism. This second layer of vetting ensures that only the most qualified and reliable candidates are invited to join our esteemed Fundi community. Rest assured, our comprehensive vetting process allows us to confidently offer our clients the best possible talent for their projects.

Process 3 Test Projects

Test Projects

As part of our thorough evaluation process, we may assign test projects to select candidates applying for specific marketing roles. These projects are carefully crafted to assess the candidate's skills and expertise in a real-world scenario. The completed projects are then reviewed by our team of experts and pre-vetted members of the Fundi community to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy. This final step in our application process allows us to confidently select the most qualified and capable candidates for our clients' projects.

Process 4 Continued Excellence

Continued Excellence

We strive to maintain a high level of quality service by frequently communicating with our clients and promptly addressing any concerns. Our strict standards and feedback loop ensure that only the best marketers rise to the top and remain in our community.

Process 5 Data Collection

Data Collection

We consistently gather data to refine and enhance our recruitment and placement procedures.

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