Why should your business consider using a freelancer?

Now more than ever businesses need to be efficient about how they allocate their marketing funds.

Now more than ever businesses need to be efficient about how they allocate their marketing funds. Below we unpack how working with a freelancer can save you costs and help grow your business.

The number of specialists within the freelancer community is growing

With COVID-19 having a massive impact on businesses, keeping your enterprise running to ensure your company survives the crisis means having the right skills available today. A freelancer can help fill the space.

COVID-19 has sped up the shift towards remote working and with that increased the talent pool within the freelancer community. Businesses can take advantage of this and work with skilled specialists on a pay-per-hour or project to project basis.

Cost Effective

Working with a freelancer means you don’t have to commit to unnecessary full-time employee costs such as employee benefits, annual leave, sick leave and the often unspoken ‘cyber-loafing’. It is estimated that employees spend up to 3 hours per day on their personal activity and while this may be commonly accepted in workplaces, it is costing businesses money.

Freelancers only bill you for time spent working on your project. No longer will you pay for coffee breaks, water cooler chat or time spent on Instagram.

All these expenses without mentioning the infrastructural costs of hiring an employee eg. company computers, office equipment and office space.

Let us help you find a freelancer to suit your budget.

Gain access to otherwise unreachable talent

Is your business located in an area that lacks the required talent you need to expand your business? Are the marketers too expensive in your area?

Working with freelancers means you can access marketing talent from around the world. Don’t limit your business to the talent in your area.

The current pandemic has only accelerated a growing trend of remote work and remote working opportunities. Make sure your business is laying the foundation to incorporate freelancer talent from around South Africa and gain an advantage over your competitors.

At Fundi, we make finding the perfect freelancer for your business's needs efficient and risk-free.

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