Designer (Contract)

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Designer to join our clients team. The ideal candidate will possess a strong work ethic, self-motivation, and meticulous attention to detail.

Stellenbosch, CPT
Full Time

About this position

Budget: R48,000 pm

Location: Stellenbosch, CPT

Contract Length: 4 months

Contract Type: Full-time Contract

Working Type: Hybrid (3 days a week)

Main Responsibilities:

  • Collaborative Design:
    • Work closely with Copywriters to translate written content into visually appealing designs
    • Collaborate on the conceptualisation and execution of integrated campaigns
  • Design Studio:
    • Deliver against agreed SLAs in a high pressure, high delivery environment
    • Cultivate and uphold strong relationships within the Internal Design Studio through effective communication and collaboration
    • Collaborate closely with internal stakeholders to comprehend organisational goals, project requirements and maintain alignment with the brand voice
    • Offer strategic input to ensure that design work aligns seamlessly with internal objectives and enhances the overall visual representation
    • Work collaboratively with Copywriters to ensure a cohesive alignment in projects, maintaining consistency in brand identity and messaging
    • Facilitate effective communication channels and teamwork within the internal design studio for cohesive and successful project outcomes
  • Content Integration:
    • Integrate copy seamlessly into visual elements, ensuring a cohesive and consistent brand image
    • Use Figma for collaborative design processes, maintaining an efficient workflow with the Copywriting team
  • Digital and Traditional Design (90% focus on digital):
    • Design for both digital and traditional channels, ensuring a balance that aligns with campaign goals
    • Create visually appealing assets for emails, SMS, in-app messaging, and digital programmatic
    • Building a content library for Salesforce will be a primary focus, applying the brand refresh to old and new communication
  • Responsive Design:
    • Demonstrate expertise in creating designs that are responsive across various devices and platforms
    • Ensure that visual elements complement the character constraints of different communication channels
  • Creativity:
    • Bring a fresh and creative perspective to design projects
    • Ability to think outside the box and contribute innovative ideas to enhance campaigns

Experience Required:

  • Experience: 5 years of professional experience in design. 
  • Education: Tertiary education from a reputable institution. 
  • Skills: Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. (Bonus experience: Figma, After effects, 2D/3D Animation) 

How can I apply?

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