April 2024

Beyond the Resume: How Fundi Found Humanz's Perfect Strategic Leader

Humanz needed a Head of Strategy with both technical chops and cultural fit. Traditional agencies missed the mark. Fundi saw beyond the resume, finding the perfect candidate whose skills (not title) were a perfect match for Humanz. This case study shows how Fundi unlocks potential, not just fills roles.


Permanent Recruitment

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Number of Candidates

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Placement Time

3 Months
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Project Overview

Challenge: Humanz, a forward-thinking company, encountered a roadblock in their search for a Head of Strategy. Traditional recruitment methods weren't yielding candidates with the ideal blend of technical expertise and strategic vision. The issue? Traditional agency strategists often lacked the hands-on platform experience crucial for creating effective strategies for Humanz's clients.

Solution: Recognising the need for a nuanced approach, Humanz turned to Fundi. Our team actively listened and dissected the role's requirements, identifying key skills and cultural fit over traditional titles and current positions. This collaborative effort allowed Fundi to refine the recruitment brief for a more targeted search.

Goal: Source a candidate who possessed the technical prowess to navigate platforms and the strategic thinking to craft impactful strategies for Humanz's clients, while seamlessly integrating into their company culture.


Fundi's expertise shines in crafting agile talent solutions. Here's how we delivered for Humanz:

  • Beyond the Resume: Fundi recognised that the ideal candidate wouldn't necessarily fit a pre-defined mold. We moved beyond traditional resume-based filtering and actively sought candidates on the basis of their demonstrable skill sets and cultural alignment with Humanz.
  • Unpacking the Potential: This approach allowed Fundi to identify a candidate whose current position and title might not have perfectly aligned with the role on paper. However, his proven skillset, combined with a strong cultural fit, made him the perfect match for Humanz's needs.


The Fundi Effect:

  • A Perfect Fit:  Fundi's ability to look beyond traditional markers of experience resulted in the successful placement of an ideal Head of Strategy for Humanz. The candidate's technical expertise and strategic understanding empowered Humanz to  develop impactful client campaigns.
  • Beyond the Resume:  This case study exemplifies Fundi's commitment to understanding the essence of a role and company culture. We go beyond just matching resumes to job descriptions, ensuring a perfect fit based on a candidate's true potential and cultural alignment.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

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“I found that being part of the Fundi network has definitely improved the quality of work that I get to freelance for. It has also taken off the hustle of constantly searching for opportunities as there are regular updates on new opportunities with Fundi. The clients are well vetted thus, great working relationships are formed.”

Marketing Consultant

“Fundi constantly has opportunities, it makes it difficult to choose just one. The founders make the onboarding process as smooth as possible.”

Digital Marketing Freelancer

“Working with Fundi Digital has been one of the best experiences of my career. It's been a pleasure working with the team during what would normally be a stressful process. Jonathan and the team ensured that my experience was seamless. Great communication. Fundi Digital fights for its members and opens doors to career opportunities you may never have thought possible. I'll always be grateful for connecting and for the positive impact you have had on my flourishing career.”

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