Flow Living
April 2024

Tech & Expertise: The Fundi Formula for Flow Living's Speedy Head of Content Hire

Flow Living, impressed by Fundi's past swift placement (3 weeks!), needed a Head of Content fast. Fundi's tech platform and skilled team delivered! Within 2 weeks, 4 qualified candidates were presented. Flow Living interviewed, assessed, and signed their ideal candidate - all within the following week. This case study showcases Fundi's ability to move with speed and accuracy, ensuring a successful hire in under a month.


Permanent Recruitment

Type of Marketer

Content Strategist

Number of Candidates

Candidates put forward

Placement Time

3 weeks
From request to contract signed

Project Overview

Challenge: Flow Living, a previous Fundi client, needed to fill a Head of Content role quickly and efficiently. Their previous experience with Fundi's swift recruitment process (filling a junior designer role in 3 weeks) set the bar high.

Solution: Fundi leveraged a combination of its technological resources and skilled recruitment team to meet Flow Living's tight deadline.


  • Source and present qualified Head of Content candidates within a 2-week timeframe.
  • Facilitate a seamless interview and assessment process for Flow Living.
  • Secure a successful hire within a month of the initial request.


Fundi's expertise shines in crafting agile talent solutions. Here's how we delivered for Flow Living:

  • Tech-Powered Efficiency: Fundi's cutting-edge recruitment platform played a key role in streamlining the search. It allowed for targeted sourcing of qualified candidates based on Flow Living's specific requirements.
  • Expert Network: Beyond the platform, Fundi's team of experienced headhunters actively engaged their network, identifying potential candidates who might not be actively searching for new opportunities. This broadened the pool of talent and increased the chance of finding the perfect fit.
  • Seamless Candidate Delivery: Through the combined power of technology and human expertise, Fundi presented Flow Living with 4 qualified Head of Content candidates within just 2 weeks.


The Fundi Effect:

  • Speed and Accuracy: Fundi delivered on its promise of swift recruitment. Flow Living was able to interview, assess, and secure a contract with their ideal candidate within a single week following the presentation of shortlisted candidates. This resulted in the entire recruitment process taking less than a month, exceeding Flow Living's expectations.
  • Building on Success: This project solidified Fundi's reputation as a reliable recruitment partner for Flow Living. Fundi's ability to leverage technology and expertise to deliver high-caliber candidates within tight deadlines proved invaluable.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

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