Senior Copywriter/Content Writer (EE)

We are looking for a Senior Copywriter/Content Specialist based in Cape Town! Budget: 50 000 - R55 000

Full Time

About this position

Main Responsibilities:

  • Develop plans for generating meaningful content to drive increased traffic, engagement and brand visibility, in line with customers characteristics and online preferences
  • Conceptualise and plan for digital content storyline and layouts for various channels ensuring content remains fresh and exciting
  • Brainstorm, design and deliver content in different forms including video, photographs, social, written, etc.
  • Produce general copywriting for websites and blogs including:

- Copywriting for consumer and corporate website

− Promotional website content: promotions, events, advert banners, and special offers;

− Promotional copy for emails;

− Social media content – organic and paid

− Promotional and enticing copy for online advertising campaigns (e.g. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads);

  • Attends occasional events to support real-time and wrap-up coverage.
  • Develop and upload content to social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Develop and upload content to digital paid media platforms: Google Search, Google Display
  • Develop and upload dynamic content (specials, events and promotions) to the website
  • Proof-read and edit content for various platforms
  • Review and optimise the ongoing performance of all content using key SEO strategies and tools to ensure growth.
  • Own the photographic e-commerce assets and image library including renaming, resizing and uploading images from photoshoots
  • Facilitate the image editing process, including retouching and resizing with speed and accuracy
  • Work with editors, producers and other designers to resolve technical and/or design issues.
  • Correspond and obtain approvals on final content, against brief
  • Be an ideas bank of new innovation and concepts to be used as a foundation for content for various online channels in line with business requirements
  • Perform content audits
  • Commission, edit and proofread content ensuring it meets style, tone and marketing message requirements, as well as reflecting the brand
  • Co-ordinate the online community content and reputation management, engaging with communities across all social platforms; Adobe social listening, tracking and tagging and respond to complaints, inquiries and comments through Adobe Social.
  • Complete monthly content and social (organic and paid) reports, including the analysis and ROI of relevant content aimed at specific channels and market segments.
  • Maintain an extensive digital and physical collection sample archive


  • 3 Year Bachelor’s Degree preferably in marketing, communication, English or journalism
  • Copywriting certification
  • GAIQ certification is an advantage
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience marketing with experience using one or more digital content management systems (Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, etc.)  
  • Experience co-ordinating and managing suppliers and an outsourced content team
  • Knowledge / ability to use a social media scheduling tool
  • Digital content management systems (Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, etc.)  
  • Rules of each social platform and best practice
  • Digital asset management
  • SEO: keyword implementation, site links, metadata
  • Basic HTML and CSS understanding
  • Basic understanding of Google Analytics
  • Ability to use browser developer tools to review content on different device screen sizes.
  • Knowledge of bootstrap
  • Knowledge and enjoyment of sport


  • Google Webmaster
  • Photoshop and basic design skills
  • Digital User Experience (UX)
  • enhancements
  • Digital User Experience (UX)

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